Great rewievs from Svalbard and Iceland (in english)

Photo: Knut Åserud

From Northern Expo 2018 by Ian Patterson in «All about jazz»:

«Kartellet’s highly original proposal left absolutely no-one indifferent. Of all the showcase performances, Kartellet’s aroused the most animated conversations, with people still digesting and analysing its content and undoubted emotional impact for the remainder of the stay on Svalbard –and likely beyond. «

From Iceland by Arne O Holm in High North News:

One of the coolest acts was provided by the North Norwegian dance company «The Cartel». The Arctic Arts Festival located in Harstad, Norway had brought them to Iceland as a part of the «Internationalisation of Scenic Art from the Arctic» project. At a reception organised by the Norwegian embassy in Iceland, a selection of guests got to see one of the best acts currently on offer in Northern Norway.