About Kartellet

Kartellet (The Cartel) was originally a dance performance initiated and choreographed by Sigurd Johan Heide, and with newly composed music by Mariann Torset for the festival Kalottspel in 2012.

Now they have established a dance company called Kartellet and Kartellet A / S , and has made three full-lenght performances since 2012 .

These performances are
– Kartellet in 2012
– Kan du komme ned og hente meg? (Can you come down and fetch me?) in 2014
– Doppler in 2015
In addition, Kartellet has contributed to a several concert-performances, including Northern Jazz Expo 2015, Barents Bird and Kalottspel .
Kartellet will have a number of new perfomances ready for Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2016 (Arctic Arts Festival), and visit their homepage for further information in english. Arctic Arts Festival 2016

Kartellet is a physical relationship between men. All the dancers in Kartellet has a strong individual style, and exploit their bodily knowledge and expertise to create a close visuality. The performances are an exploration in men, male physicality and playfulness. Violent playfulness. In addition, we always have live music in everything we do.

Kartellet is for the choreographer poetic images, an illusion. We hope that the audience will know the presence and gain a physical experience of musicality and dance. In other words: Kartellet wants to share dance with you.

Interactivity in the performing arts can both encourage, provoke and engage the audience. Kartellet is offering the audience a sensuous experience, and the performances are through public participation and presence, a little different from time to time. Kartellet makes the audience become a part of the deepest premises of folk dance and folk music terms: proximity, participation and playfulness.

Previously Folkemusikk Nord v / Terje Foshaug has been the producer in Kartellet and Kalottspel has taken care of contracts, accounting / auditing . This is now run by Kartellet A/S.

Dance artist Sigurd Johan Heide is a choreographer with emphasis on traditional combined with contemporary dance. All his performances in Kartellet are interactive performance where stage and audience aren’t separated. The performances bases themselves on the most important premise of traditional dances from Norway; participation.

Kartellet as a dance company have had 70 performances in 25 different venues during 2012-2015, and that has been amazing for us. Kartellet will say thanks to all sponsors, festivals and venues that have made this possible, and we bow to Kalottspel, Folkemusikk Nord and producer Terje Foshaug which make this happen. And we have already got a lot of bookings in 2015!Kartellet Cathrine Dokken 2013

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